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Post  Admin Mon Jun 18, 2012 12:58 pm

Hi all, I publish the email I received from Carl00s;

Hello friend, I've received the order. It has only taken a week, 7 days. Thank you very much for the gift, but as I have time, I will discuss my request if anyone can help. 'I asked several brand burberry shirts . They are of very good quality, and even the buttons are engraved with the name. very collected. The sizes are the same as in Spain. , also there Burberry raincoats , and add up the sizes . , The ralph lauren polo shirts , as well is published, must be ordered a size more than the Spanish, and even come with the original price marked in dollars!. 'I asked as I have not seen new forum, Alpinestars T-shirts , and must be ordered a size more, and this will be ajustadita , ie if usuas usually have to ask xl xxl, and will be a little tight. 'I did not order more marks, but I will soon ask, and you comment on my experience, because I am very happy for now if I washed disappoint, and if so, I will comment. A greetings and have a nice day. Many thanks for the input, Carl00s. Greetings: The Admin Well I will give my opinion about the experience I've had in the purchase. , Sandpipers Lacoste: Good quality and size as well. Chanel-shoes: Sizing small advisable to ask a number more. Good quality. , Polo Ralph Lauren: I only asked for one, very good quality, unlike that problem ... what I read here now is that the sizing has been great. An M L really was. , Ralph Lauren Sweaters: For in this case if it has small sizing. An M L has been small, so minimum order one size larger. , Cap Nike: Good quality. -shirt and pants adidas: Sizing normal quality ... because that failure adidas letters are together by a thread . , Milan Away: China Quality Quality is low, the price to be at home and use it in any case, but the quality of the numbers and letrsa is quite low. This was what I ordered. Hello, then I will discuss my experience in my first order came yesterday. By way of introduction I must say that I spoke with Neo about sizes, as far I asked sleeve of some products, all I said was that the sizing is such as Europe, so I asked with the likes of here. Products ordered and comments: -Pants Levis man jeans (model 501, refer MJ: 1349), are no longer available on the web, we ask for size 36 appear to the originals, very good quality and the exact size, we have compared with others purchased in Spain. , Columbia ski jacket for women (WCC035 ref: 05), excellent quality, looks original, here was the question that I came gum pink and the truth is that it is identical to the photo, I asked the size M and size M equals -Polo Ralph Lauren Women (WT ref: 220), I asked the size L, but I use the M because the photo looked tight fitting, it is elastic, but looks good. , Polo Lacoste long sleeve women (ref WJLT: 08), ordered the M coincides with the size but pulling less size. , Hunter hair Abercrombie & Fitch (ref WC: 1719), very nice, I ordered the size M, to be very tight fitting and short maybe I should have asked for a L, but fits. Calvin Klein-Culotte (WUN ref: 470) asked black and white an M, give little size, order one size minimum. , Thongs Calvin Klein (WUN ref: 368) to be thong matches the size and not noticed as much as the shorts. , Briefs Calvin Klein (ref MUN: 796 and MUN: 792), here you have the wrong product, I have to pass it to Neo, I have received the same model but instead of me come over boxer boxer short. Overall I'm happy with the quality. I was gonna make a second order but I see that have disappeared from the web 2 product, :-( I hope you will help. Greetings The perfect order has arrived. I've paid for has given me his PayPal account and I have made ​​the payment, once payment is made, neo contacted me to say that he had a problem with two items and how they fixed a (let's give him some solution) change the reference for two and solved. He's out on 15 September 22 was already cast, another thing to post that has not been home and I had to go look for your office. least I have spent over $ 95 at: Various sizes CK Underpants correct (M and L) note quality 9. CK T-Shirt size L (M just a small sizing) quality grade 9. long sleeve shirt size L Dolce & Gabanna (a small sizing M) quality grade 7.5. Abercrombie Long Sleeve Size L perfect as in Spain. quality grade 9. Barcelona Home Child Size 26 very small and quite poor quality Chinese quality grade 5. I hope you help serve again in short order and I make another comment.

guillerson wrote:
I am writing to comment on many experience buying from Neo, the treatment has been excellent and the order too, everything has gone well, size, quality product and I am very happy with Neo.

Hi, have I ordered the day September 29 send it to Neo, after they send the order total (around $ 230), I made ​​the transfer by PAY-PAL. After Neo notify him by e-mail the payment had been made. As I file for my line was, that was the 3rd of October, after 10 Days I get everything I asked and without any problem. In terms of quality ..... My order consisted of: Puma Man, I asked the same sizing that here, the right size, they are not bad but do not forget that they are replicas Polo Men Martinique, a size XXL pedi more than they use, as discussed Neo on your page, pretty good quality. Briefs Calvin Klein, right size the same as here and right quality of all these products, I hope your first few washings have the final result. I hope I have clarified the doubts and prepaando another small request to make more Neo

Hi all, well, I'll tell you of my purchases from China.
China is a large market where you can buy many products, both electronic and textile etc. ..
To say that we must be careful and know where you can buy, there that information hard to find an appropriate page and free from scams. Well, there are many willing to take advantage of people who do not know how and where to make these purchases. Aliexpress.com sites like alibaba.com and are unreliable places to shop in china. Besides are not these sites where you can get the best products at the best price.
In my personal experience making purchases from China, I must say I've been lucky and I have not encountered any fraudster.
The first thing you buy in China were Kasens antennas 5000G, shipments, you should always do them in e International Express EMS preferably, it is easier to pass through customs without being stopped. If you send them by UPS, DHL or TNT sure you stop it, because they make money from the steps (at the expense of our pocket), so I recommend to avoid these modes of delivery.
If you trust the seller, is advisable to ask that you send the goods by way of gift (gift) and reduce the price of the goods, clearly on the package (you can watch one of the photos).
say that I have purchased more than thirty antennas to a provider China, in several packages, and all I have been successful, I've also been fortunate that no package was delayed at customs.
Although the purchase of electronic equipment, which here can cost triple that of China, being the same product (at least in my case). It was for me a good deal with this, I also save a lot of money and save it to friends to make the orders.
say that the payments on these purchases, always made ​​with Paypal, which I think is the way There is more secure than payment. Well, you can claim the money, if you cheated. And the seller has the money locked, until the customer receives the goods.
Today I discovered a site in China to sell clothes. It was hard to decide to buy, because although I felt that the seller was legit, the payment I had to do with western union, in addition to charge you 20 euros for the transfer, is much more difficult to use than paypal. In addition, my problems with western union, not only due to the difficulty of giving the payment order, if not, who blocked my transfer and I had to call to unlock. Also, when I called, I told the person you sent the money was suspected of fraud. Finally a couple of ... unlock your payment. Now I have clear that he was not a scammer and that they are certainly marks the denounce these activities, they reduce their income billionaires slightly. No doubt, I will give orders to Neo, who has asked me to promote your store. A promocionarle change, Neo allows the use of Paypal, users who register on fcustomer.foroactivo.com. And give promotional codes, which include discounts or gifts. page where you can see the products is [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] To order, send an email to Neo, to the following address: fcustomer @ fashionlike.com If you have any questions, you will solve delighted Neo also can talk to him if present, from the chat page. To speak to Neo, you have to translate our messages into English, for this I recommend the following translator: [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] is the translator that I always use, and although the translation is not perfect, is good enough to understand you well with Neo. Neo selling products are high quality, and does not distinguish whether they are originals or copies, as you will see in the pictures I've done. If someone wants to buy, say, the prices of the page, do not include the cost of shipping, which is approximately $ 14 per kilogram , or insurance of 15%, which if paid for and destroy the package at customs, re-send you what you asked, for free. recommend the payment of insurance, not much, and so you make sure you to get things if or if. say that the euro dollar exchange rate is quite favorable at present and paypal gives you a change of approximately $ 1.37 per euro, allowing us the clothes we bought in China leave us 4-5 times cheaper than the corner store I add some pictures of the order you make and if any unbeliever, I have sent the paper in most photos, so you can see it was me that the performed If you are logged in [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] will have asceso exlusivas promotions, I'll be posting more information on how to do things, if anyone wants to buy something ps: if anyone has any doubt, ask without fear: D Best regards and hope to serve you.

This is what I bought:
Lacoste Jersey WSW: 06 Size correct and very good quality. I put a 10.
bag Chanel HN: 1132 The design of the imitation is perfect, but the quality is not as desirable that it should, since it has started to peel the skin slightly lower, is what is synthetic leather. .. Next you buy will be high quality, which are natural skin and hopefully more durable Smile I put a 5.
Jesey Armani SW: 05 Size accurate and quality. A 8.
T A & F MT: 2103 Size L, coincides with the L of Spain, although somewhat limited. In principle very good quality, 9.
T A & F WC: 1406 Size M, coincides with the S of Spain. Good quality 8.
Shirt LACOSTE SH: 181 Size 44, well matched. A 10.
Shirt Ralph Lauren ST: 404 I put a 9.
pants Hollister MSH: 68 Size L, actually a M. I put a 4, I do not like Hollister is charged with wire, as some of the letters are joined by a thread, which I doubt happens in the original. Anyway, I think most models are painted the emblem, just a matter of looking for the next ...
Trousers A & F WSH: 462 A size 6, which is actually more like a 4, I put a 9 on quality .
T-Shirt A & F WLT: 536 I ordered a L and indeed would be an S. I put a quality finish by 5 prints. I hope will be useful Greetings: The Admin

and User Admin Hello:
My first order, second Realize that you and I'm waiting, has been generally positive, both in dealing with Neo and in shipping. My items ordered were:
Shoes Lacoste ref nd: FMS: 709 the number Europe (42) and quality give it a 8.
Shoes Ralph Lauren Ref ª: MS: 210 the same number in Europe and as September 1
Sunglasses Armani really cool ref ª: FSG: 486 as September 1
long sleeve shirt Armani Ref ª: MLT: 360 Use the liter pedi XL and correct bone a size more, warm May 1 because the gold is glued and washing removed.
Shirt Armani and Ralph Lauren as well use the L and padi xl and correct quality 9.
Polo Shirt Ralph Lauren Ref ª: MSS: 239 pedi a size but the XL and correct good quality a 9.
Sandals ralph Lauren ref nd: MSL: 02 European size 42 and as good a 9. In general all well, I hope I have helped and now I will comment my 2nd experience. Greetings Antonio Garcia ANTONIO GARCIA HELLO: I've received my 2nd order placed the day 4 and day 21.10.11 received quite correct and contains the following: Adidas Tracksuit FKS: 17 for children 3 to 4 years on the same page is the Reference sizing (6) is correct and good quality, note 9. Sunglasses Adidas ref ª: FSG: 116 to fit, note 7. Sweatshirt Armani ref ª: K: 10 for children 3 to 4 years the reference sizing comes at the beginning (9) is correct and good quality, note 9. long sleeve shirt Armani ref ª: MLT: 367 Use the liter pedi xl bone 1 size more and I fit, good quality, note 8. Pants Jeans Armani Ref ª: MJ: 280 use the 34 is equivalent to a 42 European and I asked the 36 is equivalent to the 44 European, I have a tad large, prefer me to stay fair, but with belt well, the quality is good, Note 9. Belt Armani ref ª: FBH: 477 good quality, note 9. Sandals Puma ref nd: MSL: 04 that seem authentic, size 42 European right and good quality, note 9. Sunglasses Puma ref ª: FSG: 15, which are well , good quality, note 8. 3 Ralph Lauren shorts size L pedi use the xl and proper, fair quality, note 7. I hope you as a reference when ordering realizeis. Greetings Antonio

Fcustomer My first purchase has been buena.Pedí 2 t/40 louis vuitton jeans, the quality of these is bad enough, the next time I will ask for another brand, d & g shirts size 45 the sizing right and good quality, Lauren ralph t / XXL well but good sizing quality Paul Shark 2 sizes small enough so. The only thing the neo ordering charge me after I said that he had several things that changed by others but had not asked what I think Neo should buy first order and then tell it, would be easier for all

the good end after thinking it over, I decided to make my first purchase to neo .... that was very helpful at all times ..... and I will definitely return to buy ..... buy a sweatshirt .... gstar a l m equivalent to a very fair ........ top adidas adicolor a tracksuit .... I caught a l a m ..... yes I've found that these particular sleeves are quite fair ....... or you're short ....... but the quality is a 9 .... buy underwear emporium ...... also perfect and sizing like here ..... besides a lacoste polo ... Size 5 to compare it with the original i was the same ..... apart than mine and was very regastado by the toilets ..... but the perfect size ..... there will be the prox time to ask a little bigger size ..... but as far as I'm concerned I am very happy ........ neo thank you very much!! here photos of some of the things I got from neo ..... I'm preparing to order 2!! very happy ...

Hello! Today I received my first order and I must say that very well.
It took exactly 12 days since I sent Neo the number of track I ordered: -sneakers munich FMS 162 white and silver, are very good to see what that last input .... I give it a 9 foot the number of matches with Spain. (43) - Ferrari Puma sneakers MS 776, black and white, I like beautiful October 1 we will also give the result. (The No. 41 standing also agrees) - a hunter CK BLACK, MC12-36 221 size L, as here for sizing is Sencillita, not winter, is to halftime, but baratita, my son is great, you give it an 8 - sunglasses Chanel 390 FHSG also very cute, with its case and all ..... August 1 - 30 underpants Calvin k. perfect, I already knew, 9 - 10 Calvin k panties. WUN 449 to 453 are small, I took the size L which is the largest, but they are for girls, I use a 40 pants and I go for moms bone superapretadas anything, just for girls. All cost me $ 346, which 257 euros are to be odd. Now that I've been reading reviews and I can not decide more for pants or poles. What I see going up more complicated picture, I'm pretty clumsy for such things. Greetings!

Good afternoon,
today I'm going inside to pay paypal neo cn
my order weighs around 6 kilos and qisiera saver if that can give me any problems at customs and whether to separate it into two paqetes d 3kilos Asher and if so I have to pay more for postage q q if one?
I ask that the porcine aki takes lol much in answering a greeting

Good afternoon, I wanted to express here my experience of my purchase through Neo.
q The truth is, everything went super well!! The only problem was the choice of sizes, but that was our problem.
My order consisted of several long-sleeved shirts and abercrombie short of the mark, and the sizes are a bit tight but the quality is excellent.
also asked centers ralph lauren and lacoste, q and the truth is the sizing is like here and very good quality!
Neo also gets a much lower cost of the package to avoid passing through customs, q is welcome thing, since I had a problem q and on another page.
short, q all has been very good and I'm preparing the next order! Greetings to all! Soups Thanks!

Hello, I received the order a few days ago. All good except a woman polo tommy hilfiger whose quality was poor. The rest of the order right.
Yesterday, I sent an email to Neo reporting the receipt of the order and handed a new order to assess and give me the measurements of various items.
quality ski pants and jackets (The North Face) very good. The calvin klein boxers alike. Regards. Enabled Thanks!

I received my first order, 2 handbags, a Gucci and a Prada and also a manicure set from Gucci. (I leave pictures, not of very good quality, but they are)
all of excellent quality and as expected, which is always appreciated.
The super fast shipping with no problem.
I hope to serve you my experience.
A greeting Hello, of course we serve! Thanks for posting your experience. The truth is that in the pictures, the bags look very good, are they of high quality or normal quality? Greetings: The Admin indeed are of high quality. Of course skin. That said, great and much cheaper (even with insurance and payment by Paypal 6%) than other site. good gentlemen I approached this morning by the package because with this election have lagged behind the milk the problem I found was the size they are very fair boxer good quality as usual, pedi diesel (very pekeños) 9 d and g and armani shirts I ordered 2 dolce gabanna and really good quality and tarminacion September 2 sweatshirts 8 diesel fine scarf and hat d and g 9 giorgio armani polo q I think the logo is wrong cast as one wing is longer than the other is normal ESTOC?? pekeño super sizing of adidas tracksuit perfect 9 northface jackets of just two very good but very finite if I need to see the authentic are just fine Step detallaros my experience with my first purchase from China. Value of goods purchased Brand Name & Item No. Size Colour Quantity Unit Price Total Ralph Lauren K: 697 XL 1 $ 11.00 $ 11.00 ---> high quality Ralph Lauren K: 713 M 1 $ 23.50 $ 23.50 ---> very good quality Levis MJ: 1242 36 1 $ 31.00 $ 31.00 ---> very good quality Levis MJ: 1237 36 1 $ 31.00 $ 31.00 ---> very good quality Belstaff MC: 23 XL 1 $ 100.00 $ 100.00 - -> very good quality Adidas MT: 136 AXXL 1 $ 22.00 $ 22.00 ---> was changed to a Polo Ralph Lauren sweater. (Very good quality) Jordan FMS 2011: 11 42 1 $ 55.50 $ 55.50 ---> very good quality Air Max Turbulence FWS: 25 37 1 $ 49.50 $ 49.50 ---> very good quality Adidas WSU: 181 M 1 $ 30.00 $ 30.00 ---> very good quality TNF WCT085: 04 S 1 $ 54.00 $ 54.00 ---> very good quality goods for PayPal Cost: $ 431.95 Insurance: $ 64.79 Total with insurance : $ 496.74 All gender is received from good to very good quality. Ordering and communication with Neo, was smooth, the only drawback is that when I read the post and replied there was night. Delivery time approximately 10 calendar days. No follow-up sends you, works perfectly and you find out when it is released to customs. I had to change a jersey by adidas polo that did not have it in stock, no problems. The only thing I was a little expensive shipping costs. In this first shipment, and given the number, I sent with insurance and payment through Paypal is the most expensive option, but safer. I hope that next time, to negotiate the shipping costs a bit. It is the only one but I can put it. Moreover, good sex, even used to say that the shoes and track suits are original, it brings up your own box, the same you get at the store. The "compys" creeen of basketball I've bought in the Decathlon. A greeting I HOPE TO RECEIVE DISCOUNT CODE FOR MY NEXT PURCHASE, FOR SURELY THIS CHRISTMAS. APAC Hello, A very large order, I'm glad that everything has come to you well I completases would like experience, with information about the sizes, if you bought a bigger size that you usually and if everything looks good on you ;-) If you want something for Christmas, I recommend you not take too long in order, as Sales soar at that time, EMS Express is overwhelmed and shipments are delayed. A greeting and thanks for posting your experience: The Admin SIZES LISTED ARE INDICATED THAT USUALLY USE, IDEM FOR SHOES, JACKETS. JUST FOR A SIZE JERSEY POLO MAS. CLOTHING, both me and my wife, NOS looks great. A GREETING. ALFONSO

Finally my first order arrived!!!!
life1 Today at 6:27 pm Hi I'm new to the forum, I read a lot of issues before you do, and my experience has was as follows: After making the payment the day 11/12/22 and send the number of shipping the money, the same day, tells me that you go on vacation and after many messages requesting the tracking number, I only answer when I said I finished registering in the forum. Pedi: - 1 Jacket MAMMOTH - 1 jacket north face - 2 ralph lauren polo All XXL. Today I received the order, jackets great size and quality. XXL poles correspond to an XS of here. They measure 43cm in width. pay the insurance. The truth is I am very disappointed. Greetings to all life1 Posts: 1 Points: 9 Registration date: 04/01/2012

After making the paypal shipping (insurance included) to the pair neo of days sent me the track. I could control the output shipped out, very useful. Shirt A & F use an L pedi an XL just in case and I will be a tad big. Here is the actual size it seems, pretty good quality, 8. MC20 belstaff Jacket Color photography is unlike anything that sent the picture is almost black in the photo is a light brown pedi xl and left me a tad large size here if it's real. quality, the truth is very seedy like a piece of plastic is not recommended in spite of original details such as buttons. a 4. Boots black jeep. what you see in the picture neither more nor less a 44 and I was right. regarding the quality very well and very cool an 8. Belt diesel. Very long, but so far is at all. q what you see is what a 7. montblanc very successful portfolio. a 9. levis jeans size 34 I ordered a 32 and use a metermelos could not even reached into the mid-thigh, in terms of quality, the quality of Texas regularly pulling in the finished good but did not imitate a such as the label is white and goes back above the belt, a disaster on February 1 As a first experience, the truth, if not repeat myself because with the jacket and jeans I have been a disappointment important because not is reached or to look like what you see in the picture. And the issue of size is not very practical. as a suggestion should put boards size conversion usa / eu / china, and respect them.

The truth at first I gave a lot of laps, picking, and then informing me, because I think that initially we are all a little lost, I decided and send mail to neo with the items, a day I answered with the final prices of the items, climbed but reading this forum, where you talk about the price according to weight, etc.., I realized that PRICES ARE NOT THE SAME AND ARE THE WEB much cheaper than the original articles, SO NO MORE TURNS AND GAVE YOU CONFIRM. After asking in this forum ADMIN that you really helps a lot, I wrote to the two or three times and took me out of several doubts, Pay with paypal, no problem, I made ​​the payment on 24de October and the 27th I answered giving me the page link to view the location of the package and the number of issue to track every day where I was looking package on Nov. 8 said it was already 1:30 and being cast in my house I delivered, the truth all very fast and without complications of any type
Note: do not pay jugándomela some insurance and thankfully I came out very well. I am very happy. Now the list of the items purchased were
2 Longsleeves MLT Armani: Armani MLT 339 and 11.50: 335 11.50 xxl perfect good size, details, note 9
a short sleeve shirt Calvin Klein MT: 130 xxl 10.00 adjusted a little note 8
Thongs , shorts and underwear Calvin Klein good note 9
1Cartera Gucci FWN 123 10.00 very nice note 7
a Lacoste sweater WSW: 01 17.00 xl scratched a little small but it is lom but very nice note 9
a Lacoste sweater WSW: 14 16.50 xl black some is rather small but very nice lom note 9
Polo Ralph Lauren a WST: 04 11.00 xl a little tight, but it is good quality m note 8
Lacoste polo WT 1 52 12.50 xl quality a bit small but excellent note 9 size
1 shirt Ralph Lauren ST: 399 perfect 15.00, size, quality note 9
7 Sunglasses RAY-BAN of different models, each with its own case and box, 6 of them very well, 1 had a broken leg, and I told Neo and send a photo.
a Nike tracksuit FMSU: 54 FATA axxl size L is chosen, and has at least one m, is to me that I am a size 40 and above the pants have a oddly, I did not like at all.
The price of the articles he had chosen was $ 144, after review and neo was $ 237 with paypal the total was $ 251 without insurance, pay 186.72 Euros Total
'll try to post photos at another time goodbye

Well kids / as 16 days after payment to NEO Give you today I received the package, the package has been in customs less than 1 day, which with some packages but I have received from China, but not this web, at least 2 days been an almost 3. Here is my order

Size EUROPE T. requested T.comprada to NEO quality garment / fabric punctuation
Polo Ralph Lauren XL XL XL 10 10
T C. Audigier XL XL XL 7.5 7
T C. Audigier XXL XXL L 7.5 7
NIKE Air Shox 46 46 46 9 9
Reebok EasyTone 40 40 39 i 1/2 8 8
Hackett Polo XXL XXL XL 10 9

Here I put the fallitos and all that. Polo Ralph Lauren no complaints, very good quality all embroidered, now it waits for the first wash. the T of C. Audigier XL drawing as if it needed a little color or brightness, and rhinestones it brings, they put a bit in a hurry because i agree with the picture a bit Justito XL but like europe, but overall good. T of C. Audigier XXL feels the same color and brightness than the XL, the XL is a fair bit, but the XL is smaller than the XL, XXL = going to a L. fallito the NIKE no very visible so a tiny little mark on the sign of Nike, and already after some fallito where ethan the recall spring, but usually very good. the Reebok slightly smaller so better pedierse a size masy are a bit bare on the tongue, and u little feillas. the Hackett Polo XXL, as received is an XL so if you a size pedis cogeros any more, and it's the only fallito yl linking the letter. Well this all, I hope you help serve your upcoming purchases. GREETINGS JMAM91

Well, Neo will send the order, gave me the budget, pay by paypal (somewhat displeased with the Canvio to paypal currency as we are in crisis is changing the dollars into euros d thing and dead), sent me that tracking and 15th November and looked at the post page and puts it q is admitted to enviao Chinese, now wait about 12 days or so I hope and haver about how this order.
porcierto and asked what I is:
1 sweatshirt Franklin Marshall guy
1 sweatshirt Diesel boy
1 boy Ralph Lauren sweatshirt
hoodies Abercrombie 3 girl
1 guy Lacoste jersey
jersey Ralph Lauren boy 1
3 drawers (one diesel, calvin and a tommy a)
The order price in euros according to the converter google unit is 160 €, and by changing pagao paypal € 165 when I get my order, I say the quality sizes and all that. A greeting Good! Today 25, 10 days after Neo d send the I pack to come. am among satisfied and no. Sweatshirts - Sweatshirt size L Franklin Marshall boy (The size either a fair poko) The color is green but fists, bordaos d elastic pockets and the bottom is a green d lighter than the logo and i two or three letters is chipping thing in the am q mosqeaillo and so claimed on Neo. - Diesel Sweatshirt Men size L (the size is tmbién good) quality 8 - Sweatshirt Ralph Lauren size M (here the shit my friend and qeda small q haver had asked for a L) quality 9 - 3 Hoodies Abercrombie girl size M (two girls are superpequeñas as bad 10 years and over this fairly well) quality 10 - Jersey Lacoste Men size L (a poko Pegaito but well pa over the next one size) Quality 10 aunqe pika poko when you have a job but I hope this is qite q to wash - Lauren boy Ralpg Jersey size M (the other crap d my friend qeda pegao if not quite small) quality 10 - Shorts calvin klein the size L (small) size L diesel (small) size L tommy (good) quality 8-9 That's all between satisfied and disgusted by the lengths aunqe failure has been our country the next and is more or less than size order now to see how they respond to washing clothes Now I will tell you. A greeting

Hello [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] receiving the order that I made ​​the day 13/11/11.estoy super happy, almost everything perfect (now explain the almost). well, there goes my request: 6 SLIP CALVIN KLEIN SIZE L (PERFECT) 9.NOTA QUALITY: 9 (WHICHEVER IS A LITTLE LARGE XL RECOMMEND ASK) 1 G SWEATSHIRT STAR SIZE-XL (PERFECT) 9.NOTA QUALITY: 9 (THE SAME AS IN THE PAST) a T M / C G-STAR XL SIZE (PERFECT) 10.Note QUALITY: 10 (IDEM) a T M / C ADIDAS SIZE XL (PERFECT) 5 arc second.Note QUALITY: 5 (NOT VERY CURRADA QUALITY FABRIC) And here comes the most perfect: 1 T M / L EMPORIO ARMANI SIZE XL (SMALL WHY IS LYCRA) QUALITY 7.NOTA : 7 (RECOMMEND TO ASK 1 OR 2 SIZES MAS). Well fellow forum, hope you have been helpful and clear some dudas.ya I have in mind my 2nd order, to see if it is fixed once and for all the issue of paypal.sin more, greetings and for what you please send mensaje.ciao

Hi all, here are my last experience. thing that may interest you about my experience is this. He understood that if Neo divided the package, warned us. While he was wrong, Neo does not warn, it is not necessary. What it does, to avoid problems at Customs is to send the package on different dates. Packets arrive with about two days apart. begin to post comments. Start with Article star, Omega watch, the truth is I am very happy with it, is very nice and this brilliantly imitated, the only downside that I put mechanics is not automatic and the timer does not have the same features as the original, moreover, the mechanism works well and goes out of batteries, at the beginning (first half hour) was delayed until they took charge and it works perfectly, without any delay. Another feature is that the watch is very light. I put an 8 note, that price is fine, if you ask the box that comes with warranty cards and instruction booklet in several languages ​​including Spanish. For some it's worth the cash, which is almost more expensive than the watch ... xD The Coco Chanel handbag, buy a normal quality of my second order and no comparison, the quality of the bag is amazing, the finish is perfect , comes with warranty card, its storage bag and the interior finish is amazing. To say that at first there was some doubt whether it was natural fur or not, but hey, buying it with the other bag and a genuine leather jacket very similar to the bag, I can assure you it is genuine leather or at least indistinguishable from a genuine leather. Of note I put a fitting 10. Underwear, more of the same, the mimic very well, note, 9. T Diesel, the fabric quality is very good, some bad given stitch on the inside, but we , no significant fault with the naked eye. I ordered a size L, but corresponds to a small M, I have somewhat fair, but it also stretches the cotton always something with the washes so well  1 September 10 The Tommy T, a L which corresponds to an L, the fabric quality very good and very well imitated a 9. Polo Ralph, a L is actually an M, of good quality, another 9, we give away what ... The Lacoste polo, I took a size 6, I have quite large, correspond to a XL, but hey better about not missing. Quality, fine, I put a note 8, not 9 ... haha take another portfolio diesel, very good quality, genuine leather, the note I put up 8 the compartment for coins is quite small ... The rest Girls of things, we asked around and one size fits all perfect, so you should order a size ;-) quality, we continue along the same lines, another nine on average. also buy a bracelet for jewelry and is very well imitated, to see if it gets dirty over time ;-). Well and as a picture is worth a thousand words, I leave you there, enjoy! Greetings: The Admin

and I have received my second order, this time we were right over the tallas.Lo we have asked:
-Versace suit, SU: 29, size 54, not very good quality, it is polyester, good size, but because in this section we given the lengths of $ 71.5 todo.Precio with costs.
WJLT-Polo Lacoste: 13 size L, I, who use a Size M fits me better in Spain this polo in size L, quality buena.precio and expenses, $ 13
, Polo Lacoste WJLT: 09 size M, OK, good quality, price $ 13
-Nike FREE FMS: 85, number 40, a number more than I use, but I tried some in the decathlon and needed for this type of shoes to 40. Good quality and I have hit all the talla.Precio $ 38
-sweatshirt Hair A & F WC: 1766 M size, quality buena.Precio $ 36.5
-Hoodie A & F WC: 1804, size M, good quality, price $ 25
, hoody A & F WC : 2001, size L, much green does not match that reached me in the photo, but not mal.Precio $ 25
-Shirt Armani ST: 499, size XL, here was my shit, I got confused and instead code of 449 (long sleeve white shirt) chose this (blue and red striped and short sleeved), in the rush I did not realize the photo when I sent him $ 13 Neo.Precio
-Shirt Hugo Boss ST: 279, Size XL, one size bigger than it uses (L), I see a tad bright, but as not as the original is wearable with traje.Precio $ 16.5
-Tie Burberry T: 19, great, very good quality and very bonita.Precio $ 10
Cost for goods: $ 261.50
Insurance: $ 39.23
Total with insurance: $ 300.73 PayPal for goods Cost: $ 277.19 Insurance: $ 41.58 Total with insurance: $ 318.77 Like the first I chose to pay with paypal order and uninsured. This time it was home 8 kg but Neo sent me two packages, and no problem. I hope you will help. sl2.

The day I paid a Nov. 14 order 10 shorts (it was a test and I picked 10 because it was the minimum that allowed me to Neo) and I arrived on the 3rd of this month. They arrived safely, although according to the experiences we had read here, I thought it would take a little less. They are Calvin Klein and I put a 9 note. The fabric is good, the only downside I see is that there are equally large. For example, I have two of the size L but not the same the same, one is a tad bigger than the other wide. That happens to me I ordered 3 sizes, M, L and XL.
Today I made ​​another request, this time bigger and I will tell as I've done (subject to size and quality). Salu2!

Hello my first step to comment experience and my first purchase with fcustomer.
The first is that I'm quite pleased with his conversation with Neo, has always answered all my emails or concerns you may have arisen and the same way with the support of any questions that I have clarified Admin.
I received my order within 14 calendar days in my home with all that I had requested no need for any garment with their respective sizes and models chosen.
The quality of the clothes great, so step to take the score that is my opinion. Polo Shirt Ralph Lauren MSS: 249 August 1 Ralph Lauren Polo Shirt MSS: 247 A 8 Polo Ralph Lauren long sleeve MSS: 247 August 1 Ralph Lauren Polo Shirt MSS: 158 July 1 sleeve polo Ralph Lauren Long MSS: 238 a 7 (a L looks like an XL) long sleeve Polo Ralph Lauren MSS: 242 a 7 (a L looks like an XL) long sleeve Polo Ralph Lauren W3LT: 03 an 8 (a woman an exact M) T Ralph Lauren MC: 803 August 1 MC Ralph Lauren T: 800 August 1 In a few days after I place another order in the same way I have proceeded with the first order, making payment through pay pal as it is the safest way to do it . advise new buyers to do so with full confidence and also recommend that the sizes it is best to order them a size smaller, that is if you're size L would have to request an M only if you buy Ralph Lauren polo because my order only based on this brand. Well I hope I have provided in this commentary some content of interest to a new buyer, a greeting.

I will tell my second experience that has stretched a bit, I guess because the dates were. ..
I ordered some 8kg so broke it in two boxes. I paid 7 per day because the paypal western union had it disabled. The first box sent on the 13th of December and I have received today. It took nearly a month, I guess because the dates were ... The second box sent on 15 December and I arrived on December 22, it was pretty fast. From the payment, the first month and took a few days and the second 14 days. What pedi: Adidas Tracksuit MSU: 413 I use the L, XL and I ordered the perfect comes, perhaps a little short pants waist. The fabric quality is good and compared with an original and indistinguishable ... I put 1 September hack A & F MC: 980. Like, I use a L, XL and ordered a comes to hair. I've been using it a few weeks and it's pretty hot. I put October 1 Jacket Mammut MCM006: 01. The same size, XL and comes in handy. The fabric is good and very well made. I put a 9 because I have not yet been proven with cold. Is assumed to be thermal. Sports Air Max 2009 MS: 341. They are very well done, do not tell the difference and no faults with the naked eye. Need to know if you endure a lot. They come with Nike box and all ... I give it a 9 Jacket A & F MC: 1670. The size like the other, using L and XL pedi is perfect. The fabric is very good. This is below the zipper broke after a few days, so I put an 8, but I guess I could go with any outfit. Jersei Armani MC: 218. Like the other size clothing, XL and comes in handy. The fabric is good and at first sight is not faulty. I put a 10. In short, I'm pretty happy, I had the shock of not lleba the second package but at last arrived. When the first packet and habrimos were wondering if they were originals or copies, because imitation is very good. They had no fault. I'll make another purchase next month. This afternoon I will try to upload photos. I read somewhere that someone recommended buying one size smaller, I would not, but I recommend a size for my two experiences and not to come for good, I prefer always great to come I come small. Greetings! Some photos Armani Jacket : Union Of All Experiences Imag0077vl

Hello everyone and I came the order, I asked two north face, a woman and a man and a headset moster beats.
my just use a little jacket sleeve and length L.
jacket women size m in the English court and used the one my provamos keda you a tad small so one of the two mas.calidad tallla buenisima.perfectas.
helmets but the cheap pedi k are 7 dollars and olle well as k are falsoss but that can be by taking the most maratejos.
making the next order.
I have a found very expensive preguntas.me order.
the mine hunter was MCT025 TNF: 01 weight 0.9 and I 45 is charged for it twice.
the woman's jacket TNF WCT042: 01 weight 0.9 and 42.5 charged me twice for it too. the Monster Beats Tour headphones: 01 weight 0.3 15 and charged me twice. by k tanto.no charged me understand if you say k is 15 to 35% more. if someone could tell me to order k such timberland and sizes. I hope I serve my opinion k

Hi I tell , I asked 6 poles on 5 January 16 and today I have it at home the poles are as follows: - La Martina Mpolo: 60, I put a note 9, as for the back and puts martina is cooked but brilliant writing will be recognizes as true but hey not bad and the fabric pretty good, I asked a M fits me. - Hugo Boss Mpolo: 30, 9 note, hugo boss logos are like glued and this quite well, do not think you can cook the logo because the fabric is quite as lycra stretch, I asked an M and although I have some small stretches. - Lacoste MJT: 44, I put a pretty good note 8 of the fabric and what is wrong with this is that esque pedi M and I have a very large'll have to ask if they have an XS. - Tommy Hilfiger Mpolo: 95, 10, I put a note, the fabric well all well embroidered coat and me look good, I also asked the M here and I will be perfect. - Ralph Lauren m3t: 477, 10, I put a note, the fine embroidery fabric shield also very well the only thing we found esque I thought all the pole was white, but white in front and behind the color of the neck but well, I also asked the M and I will bienisimo. - Ralph Lauren m3t: 421, I put a note 7, as the fabric is medium rare is not as that of the other poles but more elastic and do not like much, but the horse embroidery and all very well and I asked the M and fits me but I love the fabric. because this was my order and I'm quite happy now to wait to give a few washes and see if it spoil. and I have thought about doing another order this week and maybe sneakers lacoste'll ask and see how they go.

Well, today I received my first order. The order was more than anything, football kits. The two brands were Nike and Adidas pedi. In my view, the sizes are smaller nike adidas that I buy the gear for Juventus and Real Madrid, both Nike and adidas respectively, and both are the XXL and the Juventus me is more small, but nothing remarkable, and as for pants seem a bit small but are the first that I buy.
also bought some Nike Air shoe, they are very good, better than the picture and a makeup case.
All and received with no damage, with their different bags and very well packaged. I've been very satisfied, and hence to a time ordering again. Greetings Sorry, above I said that I was a size XXL and confused, are XL, but still are smaller than those of Nike Adidas. As recommendation to the following customers would throw to the high always as we speak to sizes of both shoes as textiles, shoes are 44, a number more than I and I am very comfortable shoe with them.

hi all my first purchase I arrived today after a month of waiting for the December holidays my order consisted of neo 4 pole ralph laurent and quality very very cool September 1 paul and shark polo a great height all the same model here as English court inaprecible 4 underwear calvin Clain class well and like a bag here ralpr laurent identical model to that of village clearings and oulet of ralph laurent tous purse very acceptable note of the purchase is worth 8.5 merce

Hello, has finally received my first order. I comment, I asked a girl lacoste jersey size M and corresponds to a M aki, maybe a tad smaller, but after all a M. Also asked about his underwear calvin Clain and height have to ask one more than aki. And finally ordered a jersey ralph lauren white boy size L and M is a aki.
The Lacoste and Calvin Clain fine, but the jersey ralph lauren comes with a snag and also has a stitch is sewn with thread gray (the jersey is white) and clear seems to be stained, speak with Neo to see what I say about this.
Greetings to all
I have been slow to do this review. shirt A & F white size L my actual size is L and I this perfect. in this brand sizes are the same. quality and appearance of an 8 (to try it on the first time they saw wires attached to it, in the first wash disappeared). highly recommended. Shirt A & F checkered blue and white size L great, but the photo is of a material different (may be because they use actual photos of abercrombie) is flannel, and so even clentita and comfortable. an 8. matching pants levis size 34 but taking them is because they are fallen, if the normal wear fair size recommendation but very cool to ask an 8. Omega seamaster watch. great is not great the screen-printed fine. the only downside is the belt that belongs to the series planet ocean. will coax and rope rope lasts about 48 hours. an 8. And now the star. U-boat figthdeck clock with red numbers black. spectacular, I was fortunate to have the original in the hands and is identical, is very large 50 mm diameter (for leguste not so exaggerated). is heavy and is quartz movement (battery will) there are also automatic, only downside is pvd buckle and steel should be black. great clock by 9.5. The truth is that this time I have had better luck than the last in the order, the question is to know the carvings by brand

there was a little wait to buy 5-pole ralph laurent nice people I've seen a pole or paul appreciate sahrk freaked when I saw him 250eur in the English court and to the clerk thought it had bought a bag there ralph well as portfolio underwear calvin tous good buying second order I recommend preparing

Hello good! I received my first order today and I will comment that has been good experience, these are the items I ordered: - 3 Short Sleeve Polo brand "La Martina" two black and one white Porche model, I use a size between L and XL clothes in some others, I ordered the XL and they fit perfect except the pole model white Porsche that gives less and is a size L, I is small, as 8, are very well done and all embroidery not see the difference with genuine. - 2 Short Sleeve Polo brand "Lacoste" black and white, size 5 the black and white 6, this I can only large, ordered in different sizes because I did not know if they gave the same size as discussed in the forum, but if they give the same size as those of Spain, as 8, I have a real bought in the English Court and is the same material, the difference that the buttons are white when people here are black at the poles of this color. - 2 Short Sleeve Polo brand "Burberry" gray and black, in size XL, I look perfect, these are the highest quality, a fabric very good quality 9.5. - 1 Louis Vutton sweatshirt, size XL, I have little, give very little size should have ordered a size more, as a 7. - 2 underwear brand "Emporio" of the size L, are very small, we should order two sizes too at least, grade 6, the fabric is fine but the drawings do not like much, next time do not ask Kelvin Clein have such are these and the sizing is. - A set of brushes for makeup brand "MAC" standard case, with 15 brushes and brushes, I will comment on quality and taste when my girl, so I would have seen a 7. I put the photos all. Regards and hope it helps the

first apologize to adm. x taking so long to give my opinion, but hey we're going to mess generally so good the only problem sizes, this was my order:
- Calvin Klein jersey MSW: 101, Quality 8, d problem is asked for a size XXL and would be a S
- Calvin Klein jersey MSW: 41, Quality 8, same problem with size q guess would be a mistake to label.
- short sleeve shirts DIESEL MT: 168, Quality 8, would be an XL XXL in Spain
- jersey Armani MLT: 292 , as 7, would be an XL XXL
- Burberry Jacket K: 409, 7 quality, size S
- Short Sleeve La Martina Polo ST: 14, Quality 8, size XL would be a M
- sweatshirt DIESEL MH: 66, 9 quality, size M would be a S
- DIESEL jeans MJ: 207, Quality 8, size 36 would be a 34
- Louis Vuitton wallet WH: 34, quality 8 d equal to the picture I'm pretty happy with the order, the only problem sizes as almost all, but I will place another order and perfect neo, a greeting

Hi all. The experience with my first purchase was very good, overall size, thanks to the advice of the forum, quite well. excellent communication with Neo . made ​​the payment by Paypal, but for the next purchase, so I'll look out cheaper, I will look even cost per transfer. Neo has given me total security. Only a slight problem with the order of a few shirts that did not have, but Neo told me about it and exchange it for others before sending the packet. The minor inconvenience, not problem is that when changing the price was lower than it paid, but little difference. I have already sent an email to Neo. I have no doubt that I will discount the difference in the next order or payment of the difference. But hey, is not a problem. On the other hand I received the package very quickly, was released on February 12 and I have it at home, 11 days including holidays. Thanks to Neo and the Forum .. No doubt, I will continue buying. Regards, Toni
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