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Post  Admin Wed Jun 20, 2012 3:34 am


Is it difficult or knowledge is required for imports?

R / No, absolutely not, you will be surprised of the super-easy it is to make the orders, usually takes less than 5 minutes to make. It's so easy a 10 year old can do it.

Do providers are direct or are internediarios?

R / suppliers are direct and you'll buy them directly to them also.

Is it safe to shop at those sites, I estafaran?

R / is completely safe to shop at those sites, I personally buy from them and never failed me.

How much quantity of items I can buy, there a minimum amount?

R / No, no minimum amount, you can buy from a drive on until supplies last.

Where to buy products arrive?

R / Will Come to the address you order your provider China, but mainly to the address on your Paypal account.

By which I arrived half the products?

R / When you order with transportation (shipping) free, the products reach you through your local mail, and if you want to pay for sending you arrive through the service you have requested: DHL, EMS, UPS, Fedex or TNT.

How long does it take to get my products once you have placed your order?

R / usually take between 15 and 30 days when you ordered with free shipping, and 3 to 8 days when you ordered a freight prepaid.

Do my items have warranty?

R / When it comes to manufacturing defects, however, if not in all cases and restrictions as well, but believe me that in my case so far everything has gone well and have not failed.

How do I know I will not have to pay customs duties or import?

R / I teach you how to legally make such products come to you as if they were a gift and not a direct purchase, also want you to have in mind that with this technique do not mean at all that mock the fiscal legislation of your country.

How I can promote my products to sell?

R / The most important thing is you know it's best "little but blessed," that is, win the credibility of your customers do not win large sums with your first sale, then when you've won you can sell the other items and more profitably. You can promote your products in Mercadolibre, QueBarato, Ebay, Forums, newspapers and personally in commercial establishments.

I warrant Your success in this business?

R / No, because everything depends on your effort and your products amounts, it is first important that you test the market before importing.

If I have questions or queries you help me?

R / Of course I do, I will not let drift a customer who put their trust in me.

How many times I can import a month, there limitations?

R / can import as many times as you like and there are no limits.

If I want to pay for shipping, the cost is the same for all items?

R / No, the price varies, depending on the size, weight and quantity of items.

Do you teach everything in great detail in your material?

R / That's right, if I explain everything to not make mistakes, you will also disclosed suppliers and if you have questions you can write me at my email for evacuartelas.

Why not show a catalog of things so I could buy to see if there is anything that interests me?

R / No show would be a catalog for hundreds of pages that you would have to show, as thousands are literally thousands of things that you revelare providers offer.

What is the payment method for purchases?

R / The most used and that I personally recommend are: Paypal, you can also pay directly with your Debit / credit but when large quantities are involved.

You mean if I have no Paypal will not be able to import?

R / Only if you shop more than 10 items are not using Paypal, but to make purchases from a forward drive can only be through Paypal, so this is basically a requirement for the success of the import

Do not you know it's Paypal, you can help me?

R / Paypal is a 100% reliable which made ​​85% of the buying and selling on the web. Using their service is totally free and does not charge commissions on purchases you make, plus it is the surest way there to make payments online.

What my country is not allowed Paypal, I can do something about it?

R / No, you can not do anything because China suppliers send the product to the address listed showing Paypal, so if you open the account as if you were in another country, the product would be sent to that country, you never would come and lose your money.

I can do the purchase with a Paypal account is not mine?

R / As long as you have the authorization of the owner of the account, if you can, but be aware that the merchandise be sent also to the domicile and name of that person.

How do I know my country if accepted by Paypal?

R / Just try to open an account with them and if you are allowed, are ready to import from China !


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