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Post  Admin Mon Jun 18, 2012 12:50 pm

Typical Questions:
1 - How much are shipping costs? Shipping charges are variable depending on total package weight, the weight can be seen by hovering over the image. For a 3kg package, the price of the shipment may be about 15-17 USD per kg for Spain.
2 - Is there an order for which shipping costs are free? Shipping, always in charge fcustomer . I know some of you will read information on the pages, about vendors that give shipping. This is true, but I will tell you the reality of this activity. These vendors tell us that give us the shipment, although this is not entirely true, since they, before, we have inflated prices. Of course, this is a great marketing strategy, as buyers who think they sent them to give away, stay well pleased. To say that these commercials, so I can learn, is quite confused in orders since picasas system they use, is much more disorganized, that the page fcustomer Anyway, if anyone wants to stay quiet (No chastens from somebody else: D) so that if I give away the shipment, if not, I recommend that budget request, the seller gives the shipping on one side and [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] other. I have seen, that sellers who give orders are between 20 and 35% more expensive.
3 - When the package take to reach me? up to each country, I only know that in Spain takes about 10-15 days come, in normal times. If the shipment coincides with Christmas and Chinese New Year, may take longer to arrive, maybe about 7 days, although this is uncertain: D
4 - Can be problems in Aduna? The office is a lottery, I've been lucky so far and have gone smoothly. If we stop a packet, it will most likely destroy it, to reduce the remote chance you have some tips: 1 and 2 However, Neo gives the option to pay 15% more per order. Thus, he will ensure that if the packet is destroyed it will send you free of charge. The 15% applies to the total, of course, since Neo will have to pay for transportation again.
5 - Is there a minimum order? not know the minimum amount of the order, though I suppose an order with a total cost of 70 euros or 100 usd would be sufficient. Anyway, for more information, write to Neo: [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]
6 - What is the difference between the bags of high quality and standard quality? high quality handbags, specifically Coco Chanel (I think it's extrapolated to other bags) are made ​​of sheepskin. In contrast normal quality handbags are made ​​of synthetic leather, that is, treated plastic.
7 - The sizes are the same as those used in Spain? The sizes, have slight differences we have in Spain, so it is very important to visit the following page: Sizes Please note that Neo is not responsible for a size small left us, he is only responsible for what we receive we ask, he is to blame for us to ask the wrong thing, so it is very important that you visit the link above, and to ask any questions.
8 - How to fill the order form? Neo provides a leaf, we have to fill in, to let you know that's what we want. The first thing to do is to unburden the order form: here Brand Name & Item No: Here you have to put the product code eg Lacoste MJT: 14 In example of the page, also puts the weight in parentheses. If you put it best, if not, no problem. Colour: In my case, stuffing putting "as in the photo" I recommend to put this, if the color is difficult to distinguish. Size: This is where you to put the dress size. Quantity: Here you must put the amount you want from the garment.
9 - Problems with the stock? There may be items that are not available, this is rare, in my order of 27 units only 2 were not in stock. So that over 90% of the articles are available. Neo notify you when this happens.
10 - How can I pay? Neo allows payment by bank transfer and Western Union to buyers worldwide. However, the use of Paypal is limited to residents in Spain registered in this forum. Neo takes on a 6% extra on the total, I wanted to buy from Paypal, for him, paypal charges a high commission. In any case, Western Union charges 20 euros in Spain for the transfer, therefore, may Paypal, we leave something cheaper. If you have a choice, I would recommend using paypal, it's way more comfortable , easy and secure way to pay. have to register here Paypal works with your email account holder, ie, Neo will bill your inbox. Regarding shipment, to assure that the address in Paypal is correct poneis, Neo is forced to send the request to the paypal address, because if not, may have problems with Paypal. Paypal performs the currency conversion automatically, the committee kept in the currency exchange is about 5 cents on the price of the dollar. ie currently 1 euro is worth 1.44 dollars, as you can see here Paypal instead give us approximately 1.39 dollars per euro. To reduce losses in the exchange of visits, you can try this , I have not been found yet, but soon I will
11 - How do I talk to Neo, in English or Spanish? have to speak English, I use the [url = translator of google] [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] [/ url], must be very careful with the spelling mistakes, because they can alter the meaning of the message, so I recommend that before to translate the text, copy them and corrijáis word spelling errors.
12 - Do not live in Spain, can I pay? You can pay either by Western Union or by bank transfer. Unfortunately, the use of Paypal, not available for other countries. In order to promote their sales, fcustomer , soon give special offers for users resident in Spain, registered in the forum.
13-How good is the quality of products fcustomer?
Before my first purchase, I asked Neo, I said something like, "Our products are the best copy" And once I have received the request, saying that the quality is very good, I would not be able to distinguish from a real one. While you should always remember that are replicas and the quality can vary from one brand to another. It is true that many people think that the quality of clothing China is bad, although this is not true. This mentality is due to products arriving in the 90 were of poor quality and the brand "Made in China" still carries some of this burden. But the truth is that many brands currently produced in China, due to the low price if labor, thanks to this, Chinese factories have learned to produce high quality clothing, which is currently produced. I from my personal experience, I tell you that the quality is good or very good.
14-¿Neo does not respond to my messages, that is? Neo is a Chinese business, your connection schedule differs from ours, so it may take some in answer us, you will usually answer within 12 hours. Although this depends, then Saturday and Sunday does not respond to messages.
15 - Fcustomer is legit? have been several questions I've received in this regard. I made ​​my first purchase paying with Western Union, so if they wanted to cheat, they had done. Fcustomer belongs to a broad group of companies selling branded clothing, called fashionlike. I have not found any user on the web cheated, so I consider trustworthy people. Those companies that are interested in is to have happy customers, to sell large quantities of their products, those who earn a large margin. If you buy and does not arrive, besides not buy back, the publisher and its sales drop significantly, this world is so, what they care about is to have happy customers. You may be interested in these topics: How to buy a Chinese seller to say that Neo is not a Chinese seller, at least not as referenced in this post, because he works for a company that is setting the price, anyway You can try to haggle, but do not think ye may get a lot, I at least have not succeeded. Luck: D Your first purchase If you are a novice at this online shopping, they should give you a turn on that issue, you'll probably be very useful: D
16-I enter the track that gave me Neo, on page , but I do not recognize. What happens? The track or package tracking code takes about 2 days to activate. So, I recommend you to have patience, be activated very soon: D
17 - Will I get discounts if I make large orders? If your order exceeds the amount of 1000 USD, will receive a discount to be redeemed at the next purchase on this page You can get information about the amount of discounts: Discounts for bulk purchases here I hope will be useful input from fcustomer.foroactivo.com advertise: [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] Fcustomer Regards and have any questions, feel free to ask, I'm at your service: D


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